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We review the supply and construction agreements you signed for your project in order to ensure suppliers, contractors and their technical and business references to be high enough. We assess compliance of the conditions and terms specified in your agreements and contracts with the design, targets, and technical requirements included in its financial model. We find out the risks, suggest measures to be taken to prevent those risks, and suggest potential improvements. Furthermore, we assess the factors which might cause inestimable cost and delay risks and suggest solutions to them.

We review the agreements and contracts, especially the commercial conditions specified in them for supply and construction works, faults, responsibilities and liabilities, including material compensations, and make suggestions on them.

We provide support for selection of suppliers and subcontractors, including reviewing their qualifications and commissioning services.
We review experience and technical competencies of suggested engineering service providers, construction contractors, suppliers and construction management service providers.
We check the safety of equipment and materials offered by suppliers and contractors, and make suggestions on them.