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Our understanding of the notion of quality includes not only superior knowledge and skills which we consider indispensable for all of our employees, but also the highest level of service and customer-oriented solutions. 
We create a working medium where openness and sharing of tasks are emphasized to help the employees to develop their own personal motivations.  Here supporting professional improvement and career is an indispensable factor to build a long-term and durable foundation. 

The basis of services provided by an engineering company must be the formation of cooperation with customers through a professional approach. A multi-disciplined engineering company must also know the budget set for a project, understand the employer’s demands well, and develop appropriate solutions.

All these tasks must be performed within the frame of a partnership relation based on mutual trust.

It must be aimed to act by respecting the said mutual trust.

For this purpose, an engineering company must act as if it is a partner of its customer and consider its customer’s problems as important as its own problems. The relation between us and each client is based on this principle.
The business principle undertaken by ee Istanbul is to work like a partner of its customer to provide it with any engineering services during the project. Other principles distinguishing this company during each project have been summarized below:

  • Each client is provided with services on a unique individual basis.
  • All services are provided under our roof. In addition to basic engineering services, we provide logistics, training, etc. services for the success of projects.
  • We provide professional design services and energy-saving environment-friendly solutions for projects.
  • Each process and stage of each project is meticulously performed.

Please note that we can provide the advantages described below thanks to our philosophy and principles summarized above:

  • An experienced and reliable partner for large-scale and detailed projects.
  • Our 15-year experience of working with the leaders of this industry.
  • Our team of experienced and specialized engineers.
  • Being a business partner experienced in various countries. Providing services at the same quality level in Russia, Turkey, and Central and East Europe.
  • Specialized staff experienced in international projects, whose members improving themselves on a continuous basis.
  • Individual consulting services, business development services, cooperation complying with international standards, the benefit of doing business with an engineering company performing R&D to use existing potentials in a more efficient way.

All these independent services are provided in cooperation with our reliable solution partners at a broad spectrum ranging from swimming pools and thermal pools to industrial kitchens and medical applications.