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We prepare the documents of a tender file for all disciplines, plan the process in accordance with the method selected for the tender, and manage it in coordination with the relevant parties. The initial stage of the tender process is to plan its calendar and schedule. Works needed for the tender process are completed within the period described in the general work schedule not to affect the overall progress of the project. Administrative specifications are written, and all details of the project are informed to potential bidders in accordance with those specifications. A condition precedent for each tender is to provide potential bidders with all necessary information in a transparent way. Bids tendered are reviewed and compared in a meticulous way. The main purpose is to prevent bidders from misunderstanding the project in any way. A one-on-one meeting is held with each bidder to review the project in technical terms. Bidders are asked to revise their prices to increase competition and to ensure the project to be built at a more reasonable price. Meetings are held with the employer’s representatives to select a bidder to award the project, and the award decision is notified to all other bidders. Thereafter the contracts to be signed with the contractor are drafted and the construction process is started.