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Our Design and Technical Drawing Department consists of architects and engineers specialized in their respective fields and working together for a long time. They create functional project designs based on environmental, economical, modern and aesthetical priorities. Technical specifications, surveys and budgets are developed and performed in coordination with all preparations. All calculations for the building to be designed are made by our specialized staff in accordance with the currently applicable regulations. All infrastructure present at the project site is meticulously reviewed to design the project in such a manner to meet all of the demands specified for it. Systems and materials needed for the project are determined at the design stage in such a manner to ensure them to serve the project well in technological terms on the one hand and to meet the quality, cost and time requirements on the contrary. It is one of our basic principles that if a project is subject to approval by a governmental authority, we contact that authority before starting the design process to come to a mutual agreement on the critical needs and solutions. Another fundamental principle of us is to cooperate in harmony with all exterior advisors appointed by the employer from the beginning of the design process. All members of our teams know well that success of a project depends on efficient communications. If a foreign employer has censured a preliminary design to be made for the project, we provide services to adapt the said initial design to the standards and regulations applicable in Turkey. We use our international experience to complete the project design process in parallel with our other offices where necessary so that we can meet the demands of the employers located in and out of this country. All of our teams work by taking into consideration the importance of Value Engineering in the design process of each project. Present technological advancements are included in the project if we decide that their contribution to the construction of the project will be beneficial in terms of the cost-benefit relation. Both systems and materials and equipment are selected for the project in accordance with its budget. All works performed during all stages of the design process aim to complete the project within the budget and completion period set for it.